Live is the best way to interact with people in real time. Field their burning questions, hear what's on their mind and take a look at their live reactions to gauge how your event is going.

Live video has taken the world by storm, live video views have increased 67% from 2017 to 2018, accounting for the largest global surges in viewership throughout 2018.

Viewers will watch live content 10 to 20 times longer than they will posted content. 

Facebook Live Stream has seen a 330% increase in searching for live stream content - this is where the audience are. Are you?

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Live video on Facebook is immediate, authentic and interactive.

Whether you're planning an event, hosting a Q&A or teaching a class, our live broadcast services will help you manage your stream and interact with viewers in real time.

Increase the reach of your event with live video, allow them to share, engage and keep the conversation going after the event has finished. Maximising the exposure and impact whilst growing your audience. 

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Imagine broadcasting your event on your Facebook page, website or YouTube Channel with a professional multi-camera arrangement. Including slides, videos, branding and music from as little as £500. 

Facebook Live brings your viewers behind the scenes in a way that feels different than any other form of media. It gives viewers the opportunity to seamlessly interact with publishers and build community around video.

You're effectively creating your own TV show, reaching more people in a way they're more likely to engage and keep their attention for longer, whilst also growing your social following.  

Live lets you connect with the people who care most. Your followers can receive notifications when you go live, so they know to tune in to your broadcasts at just the right time.


Tell us about your event, video production needs or social marketing requirements and we can produce an estimate and a range of ideas for you:

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