Aaron Carty

MD / Producer

Aaron is an experienced producer having produced a wide variety of campaigns and videos over the past ten years. Including working with Coca-Cola, Toni & Guy and BT. A passion for activism, diversity and inclusion, news and entertainment Aaron volunteers as the Head of Marketing for UK Black Pride. 


Darrel Eve

Creative Director

A self taught editor and camera operator, Darrel has been a professional film maker for more than twenty years. A keen artist, Darrel produces the most amazing digital drawings and short films. 




A keen and passionate Editor, Lewis has had more than one million views on his YouTube channel. Having edited videos for news and entertainment, corporate video and motion graphics for the past eight years. 


David Amorim

Content Creator

A passionate film maker, David has recently graduated from University in Portugal. A lover of photography and animation he can often be found working on new animations on his Instagram. 


Johnathan Pach

Marketing Manager

Johnathan founded NXT Generation in 2018 with over 12 years experience in advertising and marketing. Johnathan specializes in the investments and financial sector. He has managed a wide range of marketing portfolios from SME’s to large corporations. Johnathan believes in utilizing his seasoned experience and expertise through diversifying clients marketing budgets to best suit their needs. 

Jacob Hin

Website Developer

Jacob has worked as a website designer and developer for the past year. Having produced campaign, corporate and entertainment websites. 


Matt Mortimer

Production Manager

A highly motivated and experienced Production Manager. Matt has produced everything from theatre shows, live events and film productions. Matt frequently volunteers for Pride In London as a Stage Manager.